Purano Bus Park readied for Kathmandu View Tower

The Purano Bus Park has been shifted from this place in order to construct the Kathmandu View Tower here. The land is covered by zinc sheets as pictured on Monday, June 6, 2016. Photo: Bal Krishna Thapa
KATHMANDU: The construction of Kathmandu View Tower at the Purano Bus Park is not making any headway due to lack of materials. The delay in the tower's construction has been attributed to the fact that all the construction materials have to be imported from India, said Manoj Bhetwal, Chief of Jaleshwor Swachchhanda Bkoi Builders Pvt Ltd, which is responsible for constructing the tower under the public-private partnership model. He said all construction materials apart from cement, stones, gravel and sand have to be brought from India. Currently, the construction site at the Bus Park has been shielded by corrugated zinc sheets. The construction process will speed up once the materials arrive from India, Bhetwal said. The Bus Park were relocated to the nearby Khullamunch in mid-April to lend space for the construction. In the view of the revised building codes following the massive earthquake of last year, preparations are being made to build the tower quake-resistant with the number of storeys limited to 12. The construction company, as a part of an agreement with the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), will operate the building for 30 years after the construction is completed. The tower construction is said to be completed within five years of the commencement. It has been estimated that a total of Rs 3.50 billion will be spent in the construction, KMC Spokesperson Gyanendra Karki said.