Lalitpur DDC allots Rs 10m for 32 projects

Lalitpur, August 7:

The Lalitpur District Development Committee (DDC) has allocated more than Rs 10 million for 32 development projects, most of them in the outskirts of Lalitpur, for the fiscal year 2004-05.

These projects relate to drinking water supply, repair of sewage pipes, road macadamising, construction of school buildings and local clubs. For these projects, the DDC contributes 70 per cent of the total cost, while the consumer’s society formed by locals bear 20 per cent and the VDC chips in with 10 per cent.

Rameshwor Paudel of the Planning Section at the DDC said hundreds of proposals from 41 VDCs of Lalitpur and Lalitpur sub-Metropolitan City were submitted, but only 32 were passed on the basis of priority and urgency. Since the DDC itself received the budget late, the VDCs were called for the proposals in March and the budget could be allocated by May, he added.

Though the LMC proposed four projects for maintenance and construction of sewage pipes, one was canned due to late submission. The LMC contributed 20 per cent of the project.

For macadamising roads, the project amount ranged from Rs 0.97 million in the case of the road connecting Jharuwarashi VDC to Chapagaon, while the lowest amount allocated was Rs 50,000 for a new youth club building in Lamatar. The money was allocated for projects in the areas of Kaleshwore, Ban-dikhel, Godawari, Jharu-warasi, Lamatar, Shanku, Sunakothi, Champi, Das Chauki, Bishanku Nara-yan, Sainbu, Lele, Dhapak-hel, Luboo, LMC, Ashrang, Chaudhar and Siddhipur.