Lalitpur taps running dry

Lalitpur, July 18:

Lalitpur locals have been facing a water crisis since Friday. Taps have run dry and the locals are forced to buy mineral water, or water from tankers or depend on wells.

Nirja Dhakal of Kupondole said, “The taps have been dry for a week.” She said that she bought water from a tanker for Rs 850. “The water will last a week,but it is expensive.”

For those who could not afford buying water from the tankers, the situation has been more critical to them. People are seen queuing up for free water distributed by the Nepal Water Supply Corporation (NWSC). Ramesh Tamang of Jhamsikhel said ,”At least one member of a family is engaged to manage water throughout every day.”

About six meters of water supplying pipe at Bagmati near Khokana, coming from Pharping water production system, was washed away last Friday, said Chandra Lal Nakarmi, manager, Kathmandu Valley Service Division (West) of the NWSC .

Water for Lalitpur comes from the Chapagaun Water Production system and the Pharping Water Production System.

Nakarmi accepted the fact that the situation has troubled the locals, “We are trying to relieve the people as far as possible.”