Language Commission formed under Lava Deo Awasthi

KATHMANDU: The government on Thursday formed a Language Commission under the leadership of Lava Deo Awasthi, in compliance to Article 287 of Constitution.

A Cabinet meeting held today made a decision to this effect.

According to the Article, "The Government of Nepal shall, no later than one year of the commencement of this Constitution, constitute a Language Commission comprising representation of States."

Lawasthi is an education expert and currently a Secretary at the Government of Nepal. Other members of the Commission, however, have not been named.

The Commission is assigned to complete its assignment within six years as per the Constitution.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet meeting also decided to send a delegation under the leadership of Vice-President Nanda Bahadur Pun to participate in the 17th Non-Aligned Movement Summit scheduled to be held in Margarita Island of Venezuela in South America from September 17 to 18.

Article 287.6: The functions, duties and powers of the Language Commission shall be as follows:

(a) to determine the criteria to be fulfilled for the recognition of the official language and make recommendations on languages to the Government of Nepal,

(b) to make recommendations to the Government of Nepal, on the measures to be adopted for the protection, promotion and development of languages,

(c) to measure the levels of development of mother tongues and make suggestions to the Government of Nepal, on the potentiality of their use in education,

(d) to study, research and monitor languages.