Lawmakers demand action against Minister Parajuli for lewd behaviour

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers on Wednesday demanded action against Minister for Agriculture Hari Prasad Parajuli for his lewd behaviour in public.

Speaking at the House today, UCPN-Maoist's Janardan Sharma and Nepal Majdur Kisan Party's Anuradha Thapa said that action should be taken against the Minister for the inappropriate behaviour that he displayed yesterday, as per the existing laws.

Parajuli is in the Cabinet representing the CPN-UML.

While taking part in the paddy plantation programme on the occasion of National Paddy Day at Mulpani, on the outskirts of Kathmandu, yesterday, the Minister had apparently made sexual advances toward some women.

Videos and pictures in which he is seen smooching and hugging women and trying to kiss at least one of them on her bosom have surfaced in media.

In a video footage  that the Avenues Television aired, Minister Parajuli is seen pulling and trying to embrace a woman, who was uncomfortable at the behaviour.

Minister Parajuli is then heard saying, "Astina haamro chinjaan bhaako ho ni!.... Eso nagara na ho!" ("We were introduced some time ago... Don't respond this way!"), and moved to another direction in the paddy field.

Earlier, Parajuli was dragged into controversy after he was seen rubbing tobacco while taking part in a public function.