Lawmakers seek effective policy to address water-induced disasters

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have insisted on the formulation of a policy that can be brought into practice easily to address increasing natural and water-induced disaster in the country.

At a meeting of the Agriculture and Water Resources Committee of the Legislature-Parliament today, majority of lawmakers putting their views said frequent drought and partial rains have triggered water-induced disasters and a special focus should be given towards addressing this problem bearing in mind the massive losses of lives and property caused by them.

Besides, public awareness is essential to minimise the risk of water-induced disasters including flood and landslides, they said.

Commenting on the new Water-induced Disaster Management Policy drafted the by the Ministry of Irrigation, the lawmakers called for an effective mechanism of its implementation. On the occasion, lawmakers Amrit Kumar Bohara, Dilli Prasad Kafle, Nawaraj Sharma, Nirmal Subedi and Seeta Nepali stressed for its immediate enforcement.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister for Irrigation Narayan Prakash Saud pointed out the need for positive support of all in order to make the new policy effective and result-oriented.

He also said that a new policy would soon be introduced considering the need for an integrated water resources policy to regulate use of water.