Lawmakers stress on disseminating reality of constitution

KATHMANDU: Lawmakers have stressed on launching awareness programmes that could disseminate the real features of a new constitution in various parts of the country.

Lawmakers said so while speaking in a meeting of the Social Justice and Human Rights Committee under the Legislature-Parliament today.

They opined that most of the people in the Tarai belt were unaware of the real features of the new constitution and that had misled the locals.

Lawmaker Yogendra Tamang said that the ongoing agitation in Tarai was caused as the people there were unaware about the real features of constitution.

Similarly, lawmakers Gyanu Devi Gaire, Basundhara Rokaya, Shakuntala Rajbhandari, Ongdi Sherpa, Geeta Chhetri pointed out the need of translating the constitution in different local dialects and should be reached to the locals.

On the occasion, lawmakers have urged to sort out the Tarai agitation and to pass the reconstruction bill as soon as possible to resolve the surfaced problems.

The committee chair Sushil Kumar Shrestha said that there was violation of human rights in Tarai protest and the government should take it in its attention.