Lawyers demand dissolution of Cabinet

Kathmandu, March 4:

The 10th convention of All Nepal Lawyers’ concluded today issuing a Golden Jubilee Declaration that demanded “immediate dissolution of the current unconstitutional” Council of Ministers.

The Association expressed serious concern over chairmanship of the Council of Ministers by the King despite the Supreme Court (SC) verdict on RCCC.

The declaration said Nepal’s sovereign power lies in the people. “Now that the SC’s dissolution of the Royal Commission for Corruption Control (RCCC) has confirmed the insignificance of this government,” the declaration said.

The seven-point declaration reinforced the need to go for an election to a constituent assembly, which alone can resolve the current constitutional as well as political impasse dogging the country. “This is the one and only alternative,” the declaration said reiterating support for the seven-party alliance’s roadmap. The roadmap includes reinstatement of the House of Representatives, formation of a powerful all-party government and an election to a constituent assembly through dialogue.

Elaborating the issue, NBA president Sambhu Thapa warned that the nation would head towards a republican set up if constituent assembly were not agreed to.

Stating that it is the responsibility of the independent judiciary to protect the constitutional supremacy, human rights and the rule of law, the declaration said the Bar feels that the decision to appoint people against the suggestion of the Nepal Bar has offended the norms of the independent judiciary. The NBA demanded both the state and the Maoists to immediately announce a ceasefire to create a favourable environment for dialogue. “The BAR vows to sincerely remain active in that direction,” the declaration said.

It also demanded inclusion of Dalits, women, members of the Janajati community, Madhesis and underprivileged and backward sections of the society into the state mechanism and democratic process.