Left alliance grappling with seat allocation for top leaders

Kathmandu, October 30

The CPN-UML and the CPN-MC failed to finalise the allocation of 13 first-past-the-post parliamentary constituencies mainly due to rival claims in Jhapa 2 and Chitwan 2.

According to left alliance leaders, CPN-MC was determined to field its candidate Surendra Karki in Jhapa 2 and Ram Bahadur Thapa in Chitwan 2 while the UML was also bent on fielding its leader Agni Kharel in Jhapa 2 and Krishna Bhakta Pokharel in Chitwan 2.

Left alliance leaders said that these four leaders were close to their parties’ chairpersons and therefore Dahal and Oli had not been able to take a decision yet.

Left alliance leaders also said that internal rivalry within the CPN-UML was also one reason behind the left alliance’s failure to finalise the remaining FPTP constituencies. “When Oli floats a new proposal in the meeting, Madhav Kumar Nepal rejects it  out right,” a left alliance leader said.

The left alliance has been trying to finalise FPTP constituencies where second phase of elections are scheduled to be held on December 7. The left alliance leaders yesterday finalised division of 115 parliamentary FPTP constituencies but failed to settle the issue of 13 constituencies.

“Dahal and Oli are under intense pressure because they want to field their loyalists in some constituencies” said a left alliance leader.

Sources said that UML was ready to leave Dhanusha constituency 2 for CPN-MC leader Matrika Yadav.

In Province 2, out of 32 constituencies in the Parliament, MC got 15 parliamentary constituencies and UML got 13 constituencies and four constituencies were given to independent candidates.

Out of 64 provincial constituencies in the province, UML got 30 and CPN-MC got 28.

“There might be slight changes in Province 2, but we have finalised allocation of most of the constituencies” Yadav said.

CPN-MC leader Gopal Kirati said in Province 1, CPN-MC got only 25 per cent constituencies but it should have got more.

Kirati said he was He is not in favour of party unity between his party and the UML. “I will not go against the election, but I will not participate in joint programmes too,” he added.