Legal eagles form parallel NBA body

Kathmandu, May 31

A group of lawyers today formed Independent National Lawyers’ Campaign, which they said will function as a parallel Nepal Bar Association.

INLC member Advocate Swagat Nepal said lawyers associated with the new campaign took the move as politicisation of NBA was hindering the lawyers’ umbrella body from playing an active role to control anomalies in the judiciary, effectively. He said NBA leaders, who had won the election, were trying to show their loyalty to the political parties openly and, therefore, he and his friends decided to develop INLC as a neutral organisation.

INLC formed under the chairmanship of lawyer Narayan Prasad Duwadi has Punam Kumari Thakur Jha as vice-chair and Anil Upadhyay as general secretary. Shambhu Upadhyay has been named as secretary and Sharada Chaulagain (Chandra) as the treasurer of the newly formed organisation. Dinesh Raj Satyal, Sher Bahadur Dhungana, Toyanath Dhungana and Ramhari Giri are among the 610 members of the organisation.

Nepal said his organisation would soon launch a drive to expand its units in all district of the country.