Licence holders told to submit firearms to DAO

Kathmandu, November 14

The Ministry of Home Affairs has appealed to licence holders to submit their arms for safekeeping to the district administration office or the nearest police unit by November 16.

A notice published by the MoHA in the Nepal Gazette said that licence holders were requested to compulsorily submit to the District Administration Office or the nearest police office arms obtained under the existing laws until the parliamentary and provincial polls. Anyone who does not abide by this notice will be liable to legal action, it warned.

According to the home ministry, all 75 district administration offices have issued firearms licence to around 10,000 persons and organisation for the security of their lives and property. There are around 34,000 licensed firearms across the country.

Similarly, the home ministry has prohibited any person other than security personnel from carrying and using explosives, toxic substances, batons, spears, khukuris, rifles, pistols and other weapons.