Local levels’ functioning affected

Bhaktapur, August 30

Newly elected local representatives have not been able to carry out their functions effectively due to lack of relevant laws.

The Local Self-Governance Act and the constitution have granted certain powers to the local levels. However, the Local level Operation Bill has yet to be passed by the Parliament. As a result collection of revenue, utilisation of natural resources, hiring of staff and key decisions on education and health sectors have been affected.

Changunarayan Municipality Mayor Som Mishra said,“I don’t feel like an elected mayor anymore as we have been doing the same work government officials were doing for the last 18 years.” He added that the

delay in passage of the bill had diminished their enthusiasm.

Suryabinayak Municipality Mayor Basu Dev Thapa said he was doing his best to address locals’ concerns. “Although we have not been able to come up with concrete plans for the municipality’s development due to lack of laws, we are doing our best to make people feel the difference.”

Chandika Mishra, a resident of Sirutar, Suryabinayak Municipality - 1, said, “Previously a ward received Rs 22 lakh in development budget annually , but with the formation of a larger municipality, a single ward has been made by combining up to nine wards. These wards are entitled to Rs 10 million only.”