Kathmandu, April 24

Officiating Chief Commissioner at the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority Navin Kumar Ghimire has urged the representatives of the local levels to perform their duties and responsibilities as per the system laid out by the existing laws.

Speaking at a two-day symposium on ‘The Role of Local Levels in Controlling Corruption and Promoting Good Governance’ jointly organised here by the CIAA and the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, he said, “Since local government is the bedrock of democracy, people’s elected representatives should function by keeping in mind the system to institutionalise and strengthen democracy.”

Ghimire assured that the anti-graft body was ready to collaborate with the local levels for any activity that is carried out under the established system and laws. “The functioning of the local levels as the closest friends of people will show the presence of the government and the local levels could play a crucial role in promoting and maintaining good governance in the country,” he suggested.

Ghimire also urged the elected representatives to engage in a debate to pursue reforms in the present election system which he said was marred by anomalies due to competition among the candidates to show their money power. Stating that the CIAA was serious about preventing abuse of public resources, he directed the local levels not to get distracted from their responsibilities.

CIAA Commissioner Raj Narayan Pathak suggested to the local level representatives to be more cautious to avoid unnecessary delay in development activities and end the practice of taking more responsibilities by a single person.

Ganeshraj Joshi, another CIAA commissioner, said the symposium aimed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge about corruption control and promotion of good governance. “If the local levels maintain accountability and carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the laws, no one can question their integrity and competence,” he informed.

The MoFAGA and CIAA officials also presented working papers on corruption control and good governance. The workshop was attended by chiefs deputy chiefs and chief administrative officers of the local levels under Province 3.