Local levels ‘unable’ to hold exams

Bhaktapur, March 10

Although the Department of Education has already given the responsibility of conducting the examinations of Grade VIII to the local levels, some of the local levels in Bhaktapur have said that they were not in a condition to conduct examinations of Grade VIII this year.

Department of education had sent the letter to the all local level to conduct the examinations of Grade VIII. The responsibility of providing certificates to students has also been given to local levels.

“Local levels can take the help of District Education Office to conduct and manage the examinations,” said Baburam Paudel, Director General at Department of Education.

Suryabinayak Municipality and Madhypur Thimi have sent the letter to the DoE expressing their inability to conduct the examinations.

According to Suryabinayak Municipality officials, this year municipality is unable to conduct and take the responsibility of examinations.

Deputy Mayor of the Suryabinayak Municipality said that due to the lack of education staffers, the municipality was unable to take the responsibility this year.

She said, “We have written the letter to the DoE explaining the reasons for its inability to conduct exams. It will be difficult to manage all the things at once for the examinations. District Education Office will have to take the responsibility of conducting the examinations.”