As part of the protest of the Eastern Kathmandu Urban Development Project initiated by three municipalities in the northeast of Kathmandu valley, the local residents have announced they will not give their lands for the project.

The local residents of Ward 9 of Shankarapur Municipality have asked the administration to release details of land plotting project, stating that it lacked transparency and was initiated without informing them. The ward people said they did not want to join the urban development project.

The disgruntled locals have also formed Indrayeni Concerns Committee to protest the urban development project, adding that, "The ward office and the municipality have turned a deaf ear to the demands of the Committee."

Coordinator of the Committee Dharmaraj Karki said they were planning to stage a sit-in in the ward office in the first phase. The local residents further said land plotting would encroach cultivable land and heritage sites.

Karki viewed that the locals agreed to discard the project because 85 per cent of the people were dependant on agriculture.

He said most of the matters related to the project were still non-transparent.

A version of this article appears in the print on September 6 2021, of The Himalayan Times.