Madhesi Commission chair, members to be from same community

Kathmandu, June 5

Social Justice and Human Rights Committee of the Parliament today passed the report of its Sub-committee that recommended that the chairperson and members of Madhesi Commission should be of Madhesi origin.

Discussing the report, the members of the parliamentary committee had stressed the need for a clear-cut definition of Madhesi people.

Geeta Rana of the Nepal Democratic Forum, explaining the relevance of use of the term Madhesi, said that “All the people who live in the Tarai may not be Madhesi, so we have to define the term Madhesi as pertaining to a certain culture and life style.

Another Member of the parliamentary committee Gyanu Devi Gaire said that the lawmaker should recommend provisions to ensure that the facilities provided by the state should not be used only by the elite group.

CPN UML lawmaker Tuka Bhadra Hamal said that the House panel should take suggestions from cultural experts to indentify deprived groups living in different parts of the country.