Madhyapur Hospital starts bone marrow, heart and kidney treatment services

BHAKTAPUR: The Thimi-based Madhyapur Hospital launched a bone marrow treatment service, the first of its kind, in Bhaktapur district, on Tuesday.

At a programme, the Hospital Management Committee Chairman, Gyan Krishna Shrestha, informed that the hospital launched treatment for bone marrow, heart diseases and kidney ailments simultaneously. "As bone marrow treatment facilities are within their grasp, patients now will not have to go to other places."

A medical team led by Hospital's Medical Director Dr Ram Krishna Shrestha and orthopedist Dr Sikshya Prakash Shrestha will provide 24-hour service for bone marrow related treatments.

Similarly, a team of four specialist doctors will provide the service for heart disease treatment from 7 am to 7 pm. The treatment includes pre-surgery treatments including detection of heart rate among others.

Another specialist team of doctors will provide treatment for kidney ailments, it has been learned.