Maghe Sankranti celebrated

Himalayan News Servvice

Kathmandu, January 14:

People belonging to the Hindu community today celebrated Maghe Sankranti or the first day of Magh month, by taking baths in holy rivers and sampling special dishes. This day is considered special as the Sun moves into the circle of Cancer, indicating the begining of warm days in the northern hemisphere.

The festival is celebrated almost throughout the country by different ethnic groups. The Tharu community of the Terai celebrates it as the biggest festival of the year. In Kathmandu Valley especially, grandmothers, mothers or elderly female relatives apply oil on their youngsters’ heads. It is believed that the oil head-massage will protect them from the winter chill.

People also eat yam, chaku and til ko laddu (laddus made from seasame seeds), to gain energy, warmth and to protect their constitution from diseases in the winter season.