Main opposition obstructs House demanding grant amount for quake victims

Kathmandu, June 23

The meeting of the Legislature-Parliament was obstructed today by the main opposition Nepali Congress over delayed reconstruction works.

After NC lawmakers stood up protesting as soon as Speaker Onsari Gharti started today’s meeting, she allocated time for NC lawmakers to present their disagreement.

Addressing the meeting, NC lawmaker Prakash Sharan Mahat said not a single house was constructed for earthquake victims and they were suffering a lot as the government had failed to deliver on its promise to construct the houses for them before the rainy season began.

As declared by the previous NC-led government, Mahat said, this government should provide Rs 200,000 each as relief to all the survivors.

He accused the government of politicising the National Reconstruction Authority instead of solving the problem of the earthquake victims.

Mahat also accused the government of negligence as only survivors in 11 districts had been identified so far.

When Speaker Gharti urged NC lawmakers to help allow the meeting to proceed because the government would answer their concerns tomorrow, NC Chief Whip Chinkaji Shrestha said that his party would let the meeting continue as soon as the prime minister expresses commitment to provide Rs 200,000 to each survivor.

Shrestha also urged the prime minister to answer why the government had discriminated while conducting survey of the victims.

Shrestha further said the meeting wouldn’t proceed unless the PM responded to the issues raised by lawmaker Mahat.

Directing the government to furnish the details about the reconstruction project tomorrow, Speaker Gharti said that the meeting would resume tomorrow at  11:00am.