Major parties pledge to hike social security allowance

Kathmandu, November 14

Increasing social security allowance has become a common agenda of major political parties for the upcoming elections.

Election manifesto of the Nepali Congress promises to increase monthly allowance for senior citizens and differently-abled people. However, the manifesto fails to mention amount to be increased. Currently, senior citizens are getting Rs 2,000 per month and Dalit children get Rs 1,000 per month. The government allocates over Rs 32.69 billion for social security allowance per year.

The Government of Nepal provides social security allowance to elderly citizens above 70 years, Dalits and locals of Karnali region who are above 60 years of age and the children of the same region who are below five years. Similarly, single women/widows and people from the endangered communities also get the allowance.

NC promises that it will establish a senior citizen service centre in every rural municipality.

Similarly, election manifesto of the left alliance also promises to increase social security allowance. The manifesto states that the social security allowance will be increased to Rs 5,000.

The manifesto also states that the citizens above 65 years of age will be given 25 per cent discount and citizens above 75 years of age will be given 50 per cent on transport fare.

Manifesto of Rastriya Prajatantra Party also promises to increase the allowance but it has not mentioned the amount.