Kathmandu, December 4

Tarai Justice Centre today submitted a memorandum to Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Ajay Shankar Nayak, demanding that judges be appointed on the basis of proportional inclusion.

TJC said constitutional and legal provisions had guaranteed proportional inclusion which should reflect in the appointment of judges. In the memorandum, TJC said Articles 38 (4), 40 (1), (7), and 42 (1) had guaranteed proportional inclusion in all organs of state.

It also said that Section 5 of newly enacted Judicial Council Act and Section 10 (2) of Judicial Service Commission Act also ensured proportional inclusion in the appointment of judges.

TJC said the Judicial Council had not honoured the principle of proportional inclusion in the past and therefore, representation of women, Dalits, Madhesis, Muslims and Tharus were almost nil when 237 district judges were appointed in the past.

The Judicial Council is likely to appoint 82 judges in high courts soon.