Man convicted of forging ex-crown prince’s signature, seal sent to jail

Kathmandu, January 8

The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police today nabbed a person who was convicted of multiple crimes and sentenced him to two years and two months in prison, along with a fine of Rs 1,500,050.

Sushil Neupane (35) of Duwakot VDC-4, Bhaktapur, was held from his home village.

The Kathmandu District Court had awarded the combined sentence and fine to the accused on July 5, 2006 in forgery and fraud cases. He had been absconding since to evade arrest.

In the forgery case, the court had sentenced Neupane to one year in prison along with a fine of Rs 50 and one year and two months in jail and a fine of Rs 1,500,000 in a fraud case in absentia, said SP Dibesh Lohani. The Government of Nepal had acted as a plaintiff in the cases filed by Sudhir Kumar Regmi, the victim.

Neupane was found guilty of defrauding Regmi of Rs 15,00,000 by forging seal and signature of then crown prince Paras Shah and his royal office.

Neupane had sent a letter with bogus seal and signature of Paras and his office to Regmi asking him ‘to deposit the amount in his account at the Nepal Investment Bank’.

He was punished under the forgery and fraud chapters of Muluki Ain.

Meanwhile, Neupane was produced in the court, which ordered the police to send him to the Central Jail, Sundhara, to execute its verdict issued 10 years ago.