Maoists to go for revolt: Prachanda

KATHMANDU: Unified CPN Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' today said that millions of rupees have been invested to split his party.

"Various national and international reactionary forces have been trying their best to compel us to give up. Big newspapers have been 'vomiting poison' against us with false information," he said while inaugurating the fourth unity convention of Unified All Nepal Peoples Cultural Federation at Kirtipur.

He claimed that leading the revolution without deviation was a tough job but his party would never become like CPN-UML. "It's very much challenging but not impossible."

He said the party has decided to go for a revolt. "We have decided to prepare for another sacrifice instead of heading towards reformism," he added.

He urged the cultural activists to work towards uniting the people as they were capable of unifying people through their creativity.

Prachanda also said that his party is committed for leading the revolution to the logical end. "Parties plunge into the reformism as soon as they attain power," he said adding, "We would never let this negative practice to happen."

He expressed his commitment saying this revolution would never take rest. "We are close to a victory and we will completely wipe out all the reactionary forces against the people through the upcoming revolt for which all the people should be unified," he said.

Prachanda also said once the party goes for the revolt all those who are fighting for the position and dignity would be testified. He claimed that a large number of people have entered to his party, who are lured to lucrative positions, instead sacrificing for the people.

He maintained that the role of cultural artists were more important than the leaders to influence peoples' feelings. "Most of us were attracted towards communist revolution through revolutionary songs first and then begun to study the ideology later," he said.