Maoists’ homegrown sankalpa prastav

KATHMANDU: After turning down the common sankapa prastav prepared by the CPN-UML and Nepali Congress, the main opposition UCPN-Maoist has come up with its own proposal.

“We’ve prepared the draft of the common sankalpa prastav for discussion,” said Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’. He said both the documents should be reviewed before the parties would reach an agreement. While addressing the launching ceremony of Naya Sikshya — a monthly magazine published by the Maoists’ teacher’s wing today — in the capital, Prachanda said parties had become much more serious lately which heralded a hope for consensus.

“Now other parties have realised that they can do nothing — even run the government —by sidelining the UCPN-Maoist,” he claimed. “It’s been proved that the government cannot run without Maoists, let alone drafting constitution or leading peace process to a logical conclusion,” he added.

He expressed hope that the other parties would be ready to address the demands raised by his party. “What we wanted is dealing with the demands in package,” he said.

The Maoists have been demanding correction of the President’s unconstitutional move and formation of a national unity government under their leadership.