Maternity hospital to restart IVF service

Kathmandu, November 26

Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital is planning to restart In-Vitro Fertilisation service (IVF) in Kupondole by mid-December.

Though the Women’s Hospital had been providing IVF service for the past eight years, the service was halted after the 2015 earthquakes, in which the hospital building suffered damage.

According to Director of the hospital Dr Jageshwor Gautam, a new hospital building has been constructed at Kupondole, where they are planning to restart providing IVF service. “We are planning to restart the service as soon as construction is complete and the building is handed over to us,” Gautam said.

Among the total population of the country, 15 per cent of people are not able to conceive baby. One per cent of them require IVF treatment, Dr Gautam said. The number of people conceiving child through IVF process is increasing in the country. “There are a few in-vitro fertilisation centres in the country, which is insufficient. Nearly 200 people go to India every month to avail IVF treatment,” Dr Gautam said. There are hardly five centres providing IVF services in Kathmandu Valley.