Media institutions express solidarity with Pak scribes

Kathmandu, June 9:

Six media rights organisations today raised concern about suppression on free press in Pakistan and showed solidarity with the Pakistani press.

Issuing a joint press release, chairmen and coordinators of Federation of Nepalese Journalists, South Asia Media Commission, South Asian Free Media Association, Nepal Press Union, Press Chautari Nepal and National Union of Journalists expressed solidarity with the Pakistani media, fighting for their rights these days.

“We express our disagreement on anti-press policies and activities of Pakistani government. We urge the Pakistani government to uplift all kinds of restrictions on the press, release of all the arrested journalists and proper compensation to the family of the deceased journalists,” states the release.

It adds that the anti-press steps initiated by Pakistani government would be counter-productive, adding, “We would like to suggest the government there to learn lessons from the recent history of Nepal, which showed that curbing the press would end harm the totalitarian and dictatorial regime itself.”

It also claims that killings and arrests of journalists, unbelievable penalty, censorship and control on publication and broadcast media clearly show that the government is trying to institutionally end the press in the nation. “The media in Nepal is shocked at the extreme suppression and curbs on the press by the government of Pakistan,” the release added. The statement has also reminded the Pakistani press that Nepali press is with them and also extended its full support to the professional movement launched by the Pakistani journalists.

“Nepali press believes that victory of press is the victory of people and democracy. So, we request all the Pakistani journalists not to bow in front of totalitarianism and anti-press dictatorship,” it adds.