Media’s role vital for wider acceptance of constitution, says PM

Kathmandu, September 29

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has urged the media and journalists to play a constructive role in promoting wider acceptance of the constitution.

Speaking during the first General Convention of Press Center, Nepal today, Prime Minister Dahal said the media could play a constructive role in strengthening national unity and implementing the constitution.

“Role of the press is always vital in a country like ours,” the prime minister said, adding that the political achievements we made over the years would be at stake if the press and the journalists did not fulfil their duty properly.

“I have not forgotten the positive role played by the press either during the conflict or after the conflict,” said the prime minister, urging journalists to use their pen to promote wider acceptance of the constitution and to strengthen national unity.

“We have accepted diversity. There might be diversity in views and political beliefs but there can’t be diversity on issues of national unity, freedom and sovereignty,” the prime minister said.

Claiming that the government was serious towards the plight of quake victims, Prime Minister Dahal stressed on expediting reconstruction work and ongoing national pride projects.

The prime minister also said that the government was planning to form a special mechanism to expedite the projects.