Meena and Aavaas mesmerise Paleti audience

KATHMANDU: The August session of Paleti began with singer Meena Niraula singing songs of writers Bairagi Kaila and Manjul at r sala of Nepalaya in Kalikasthan in the Capital on Friday.

Singer Niraula, who is originally from Manipur in India and is married in Nepal, was introduced to Paleti through a Manipuri Nepali Singer Santanu Kumar Limbu.

This session of Paleti was her first solo performance.

After the song, composer Aavaas said, “The current generation Meena singing songs from writers of our earlier generation symbolises the link Paleti has been building between generations of musicians.”

The duo then performed two songs from Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota.

Recalling the earlier Paleti session, composer Aavaas shared, “During Paleti, I was under pressure to compose several songs and these two were composed within the same week.”

“Meena has been supporting other musicians in the past and today I am here to support Meena. Meena is the main performer for tonight and I feel proud to say she has attained mass popularity,” said Aavaas.

“Today she is more popular than me,” he laughed.

Meena Niraula (R) and Aavaas perform at Paleti session in Kathmandu, on Friday, August 26, 2017. Photo: Nepalaya
Meena Niraula (R) and Aavaas perform at Paleti session in Kathmandu, on Friday, August 26, 2017. Photo: Nepalaya

Niraula then instantaneously said, “More than popularity, I am indebted to the love and blessing from musicians like Aavaas dai and the Paleti audience.”

Poet Shrawan Mukarung’s poem was also performed in the event.

“Meena is a popular singer and should have been busy with all the trade festivals happening in various districts. However, she preferred to come to Paleti, this is the sign of a true artist,” said Poet Mukarung.

He further said, “We have grown up listening to singers and composers like Narayan Gopal, Amber Gurung and Gopal Yonzon, who depended on quality lyrics from poets like Hari Bhakta Katuwal and Bhupi Sherchan. That is now a thing of the past and such things are rare these days. Nowadays, relationships between musicians, singers and writers have become more commercial,” he shared.

“However, Aavaas is amongst few musician, who understands the value and power of a good poetry. He pursues poets and finds them,” added Mukarung.

Later, Aavaas provided a peek into his latest creation. Aavaas’s new project with Singer Meena Niraula and Benuka Rai has produced several Nepali nursery and numeric rhymes.

A package for children songs have also been produced and are likely to be released soon. “I have done my job and handed it over to Publication nepa-laya. They are working on a multi-media package including audio-visual and publications,” revealed Aavaas.

The show ended with a children song,

Dugura Dugur Kuhira Dugur Dugur

Dugur Dugur Ye Kuhira Tero Gharma Chor Pasyo

Mathi Aakas Khulla Cha

Ta Kina Aja Bhui Basyo 

Both the singers were accompanied by Suraj Pradhan on Guitars, Dinesh Regmi on keyboard, Buddha Lama on flutes, Sundar Maharjan on percussion and Sandesh Maharjan on Tabala.