Megha kidnapped in presence of parents, says police

Kathmandu, August 8:

A police source said today that 16-year-old Megha was kidnapped from her house at Hepali height on Saturday in the presence of her parents. The kidnappers also robbed cash amounting to Rs 11,000 from the girl's family.

According to the source, six masked persons reached the house of former health minister and neurosurgeon Dr Upendra Devkota at around 2 am on Sunday after poisoning stray dogs that were barking at them.

“The armed kidnappers entered the house by jumping the compound wall,” the source said.

The armed gang entered the room of Megha and then entered Devkota’s bedroom.

The gang sought Rs 100 million from Devkota. When Devkota said he did not have that much money, the gang took away Rs 11,000, the source said. The robbers then asked a family member to go with them until Dr Devkota paid them Rs 100 million.

The robbers refused to take Devkota with them when the neurosurgeon said he was ready to go with them.

His eldest daughter, Megha, said she would go, convincing family members that she would come home after the said amount was paid, according to a family source.

The robbers took Megha in Devkota’s vehicle. Later, they informed Devkota that his vehicle has been parked in Chabahil, a family source said. They took the girl to a modern building in Patan in another vehicle, the source said.

Police launched a secret operation to nab the kidnappers after the Devkota family reported the incident.

“When the police was about to nab the kidnappers, the latter got wind of the operation. The police had to step back on the request of Devkota,” police source said.

“We were not involved in the deal under which Megha was released on Tuesday,” the source added. Kedar Narshing KC, general secretary of Nepal Medical Association, said the kidnapping had shocked the medical sector.

“We are feeling more insecure as the government has kept mum on the incident,” he told this daily.

Meanwhile, 19 Nepali Congress Constituent Assembly members issued a press release demanding a prompt investigation into the case and immediate arrest of the kidnappers.