Memory that haunts

KATHMANDU: It was around two years ago, at around 9:45 pm on a winter night. I am with my mom, riding pillion on her scooter to our home in Basundhara from her parents’ home, Dhumbarahi.

It was just three to four minutes after we had left my Mamaghar (my mom’s parents’ house). When we arrived at the Dhumbarahi Chok, we witnessed a scary accident.

A scooter was coming from our opposite direction. Two women were riding on the two-wheeler. But, it suddenly slipped on the street and overturned. Apparently, it was overspeeding and the rider must have lost her balance. The woman who was riding the scooter broke her leg, while the pillion rider also sustained minor injuries.

We also stopped to get information about the accident and learnt that the rider was drunk.

We then exited the scene, but that memory haunted me for many days.

I think it was the rider’s fault to drink and drive. It was a stupidity, to get drunk and then, drive. Because of her, the other girl also had to pay the price.

People should understand importance of life. Though we cannot claim that it is always bad to get drunk, drinking before driving is surely silliness. People, especially teenagers and young people, should be aware and cautious of their lives. They should understand that drinking and driving is not only illegal, but fatal to their own lives.

The author is a ninth grader at Kathmandu-based the Trinity Co-Ed.