Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, July 5:

A report prepared by the crime investigation department of the police headquarters revealed that the number of women convicted in different kinds of crimes, is very low in comparison to men throughout the country. The number of men convicted in the past ten years was 167,854 whereas only 4,616 women were convicted in the period. "There is huge difference in the number of male and female criminals and the patterns of crimes are also different," the report stated. Women are convicted largely for suicide cases like taking poison, hanging to death and drown to death.

The women are also convicted for abortion, forgery cases, foreign exchange crimes, fake marriage and forcing conversion, according to the report. The number of women engaged in fraud is going up in recent days, the report added. "It shows that the kinds of crimes women usually commit are different from that committed by men, who are largely convicted for murder, robbing and looting among others," the report said. Women criminals have different modus operandi than that of men. "Interrogation is easier with women than men," the report further added. The data in the report reveals gradual decrease in the number of women criminals. A total of 169 women and 25,649 men were arrested in 2002-2003, whereas in 2000-2001 a total of 266 women and 14,613 men were convicted.