Kathmandu, January 24

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division concluded a performance contract with all 35 units under its purview to encourage traffic cops to mend their ways for effective traffic management.

SSP Bhim Prasad Dhakal, MTPD in-charge, signed the performance contract with the chiefs of traffic police units separately today. As per the contract, MTPD will carry out monitoring and evaluation of performance of traffic cops on a daily basis to ascertain whether they are up to the mark.

MTPD will also reward meritorious traffic cops every three months. However, cash amount of the prize has not been disclosed. According to SP Jeevan Kumar Shrestha, the performance contract with the provision of certificate and letter of recognition would be an asset for promotion of the concerned traffic police personnel.

Any traffic cop securing a score of above 80 per cent will be awarded with a certificate of distinction. A traffic cop awarded with the certificate of distinction may be promoted to higher post by one level. If any traffic cop is found to have indulged in bribery, he/she will be liable to departmental action.

Traffic personnel will get marks for taking action against motorists, who violate traffic rules such as disregarding traffic signals, using mobile phone while driving, parking vehicles in the no-parking zone, drunk driving, seat-belt infraction, mechanical modification of bikes, overloading vehicles, overtaking from the left side of the road and violation of one-way traffic rule.

Any person caught violating traffic rules is punished with fine of minimum Rs 500 and maximum Rs 1,500.

Similarly, the performance contract encourages traffic policemen to reduce traffic congestion during peak hours, arrest drivers involved in hit-and-run cases, take action against cabbies and drivers of public vehicles overcharging passengers and clear footpath encroachment.