Minimum temperature dips, cold expected to increase in coming days

KATHMANDU: Due to the influence of Westerly winds, the constant dip in minimum temperature has led made the valley even colder in the past few days.

The Westerlies kept the weather partially cloudy which has continued till today.

According to the Meteorological Forecasting Division, today's minimum temperature in the valley has been recorded at 5.5 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature is 19 degrees Celsius. On Wednesday, the minimum temperature was 6 degrees Celsius while the maximum temperature was 19 degrees Celsius.

Cold is expected to increase in the coming days as winter advances further.

According to the weather forecast report the Division issued today, there are chances of light snowfall at a few places of the high mountainous regions today and isolated brief rain has been predicted at one or two places of the hilly region, with partial to generally cloudy conditions.

The Division stated that the sky would remain generally cloudy in the western mountainous region and partly cloudy in the central and eastern mountain region tonight. Light rain is forecast for high mountainous region of the western part.

The weather will be partly cloudy in the eastern mountainous region and mainly fair in the rest of the country tomorrow. Light snowfall in the high mountainous region and sporadic brief rain is likely to occur at one or two places of the hilly regions of the east has been forecast for tomorrow.