Minister refutes reports on journo remarks

KATHMANDU: Minister for Information and Communications Shankar Pokharel today expressed concern over what he called “manipulation of the news by journalists.”

Referring to a news report, he said he did not “intentionally” mention that media persons were involved in “non-professional activities.”

“However, the media manipulated it,” he said.

The media yesterday carried reports about him saying on Tuesday that mediapersons were under attack since they were indulging in ‘other activities’ and not purely sticking to their profession.

“Instead of purely embracing the profession, their allegiance to other activities are exposing them to attacks,” he had reportedly said. Addressing the 39th anniversary of Press Council Nepal today, Pokhrel, said the press, too, is in a “transitional phase.” He sought new perspectives for its sustainable development.

He also said that the media were working on their “own ideology” rather than carrying factual information.

He also said the council will be made more resourceful.

Presently, crime has been institutionalised and professional criminals are involved in criminal activities, said Chief Justice Anup Raj Sharma.

“The judicial bodies of the country should be responsible for establishing the rule of law,” he said, adding that the bodies should also be accountable. He further requested the media to practice “responsible journalism” and said that the council should also work effectively to monitor the activities of the media.

Posan KC, general secretary of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists, said scribes are living in a state of terror and fear at present. He said the government should be more serious about security of the journalists. He urged the government to take action if journalists are involved in criminal activities.