Minister seeks action against hospitals found operating without conducting IEE

Kathmandu, February 25

Minister for Population and Environment Lal Babu Pandit has sent a letter to the Ministry of Health to take action against four hospitals in Kathmandu for operating without conducting Initial Environmental Examination.

Kathmandu Model Hospital, International Friendship Children’s Hospital, Nepal National Hospital and Kathmandu Hospital Pvt Ltd were found to be operating without conducting IEE.

“The hospitals were found to be operating without making adequate arrangement for proper management of waste. Therefore, the ministry has sought action against the hospitals as per  Environment Protection Act  and Environment Protection Rules,” said Laxmi Kumari Basnet, spokesperson, Ministry of Population and Environment.

“The Ministry of Health has already received the letter. We will take action after investigation,” said Dr Bhola Ram Shrestha, chief of Curative Service Division, MoH.

Similarly, the ministry has also asked seven other business houses to pay fines ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 for operating without conducting Environmental Impact Assessment. Soaltee City Apartment, Dwarika’s Hotel, City Hotel and Kathmandu Guest House have also been directed to pay fine for expansion of their structures without conducting EIA.

Similarly, the ministry has asked Kamala Rolling Mills Pvt Ltd and Kathmandu Milk Distribution Project to pay fine of

Rs 50,000 and follow the government guidelines.

Araniko Abu Khaireni Cement Industry was found to be operating in Tanahun instead of Dang, where it was permitted to operate. The ministry has sought a fine of

Rs 50,000 from the cement factory.

Ambica Shrestha, chairman of Dwarika’s Hotel said the EIA was not mandatory at the time when the hotel started operation. “As EIA is a recent compulsion, our technical team is already working to conduct EIA,” said Shrestha.