MoFAGA directs local levels to submit progress report


The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration today issued a circular to the 649 local levels, directing them to submit their progress report regarding the establishment of COV- ID-19 temporary hospitals within seven days.

In response to a letter of the Ministry of Health and Population, Local Level Coordination Section at the MoFAGA served the 649 local governments a seven-day deadline for submission of the progress report. Despite repeated requests, the local authorities had failed to comply with their obligation to submit the progress report in a timely manner.

As per the decision of COVID-19 Prevention, Control and Treatment Fund Operation Committee, the federal government had released Rs one million to each of the 649 local levels, which lack a hospital, for the establishment of a five-bed temporary hospital amid the coronavirus pandemic. The aforementioned local levels should build the hospital in line with the COVID-19 Temporary Hospital Operation Guidelines 2020.

Almost all districts and local levels have been affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The contagion continues to spike despite various measures adopted by the government and local administrations, thereby leading to inadequacy of hospital beds for accommodating patients.

According to MoFAGA, the 649 local levels may spend Rs 200,000 per bed from the budget of one million rupees allocated for the establishment of a five-bed temporary hospital.

The shortfall amount will be borne by the local levels concerned. The temporary hospital will have five beds, essential drugs, a doctor, two nurses and an office assistant.