MoFALD sets guidelines for personal incident registration

  • People can now register birth, death, marriage, divorce and migration in ward office

Kathmandu, March 15

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has introduced Guideline on Registration of Personal Incidents in Rural Municipality or Municipality as per the new local level structures created by the government.

As per the new system, people can now register vital personal incidents (birth, death, marriage, divorce and migration) in the ward office of the concerned rural municipality or municipality.

“Executive of rural municipality or municipality and ward secretary shall act as a local registrar for registration of personal incidents,” reads the guideline.

For this purpose, rural municipalities or municipalities have been directed to provide details of local registrar to the Department of Civil Registration under the Ministry of Federal Affairs by March 27.

The local levels will not be allowed to confer functions, duties and powers of the local registrar on any employee without the approval of the DoCR.

Personal incidents may also be registered through the online system operated by the DoCR.

It requires the local levels to send details of personal incidents to the DoCR on a monthly basis. The registration of personal incidents is essential for population management programmes and other functions of the government.

It is not only a record of administrative, demographic and social status of a country but also a foundation of the overall statistics.

According to the latest statistics of the DoCR, as many as 1,338,155 personal incidents were registered in 2071 BS across the country. Of them, 876,193 were birth, 114,352 death, 224,826 marriage, 1,355 divorce and 121,429 migration.

The DoCR said people utilise the registration of personal incidents for obtaining social security allowance, citizenship, relationship certificate, migration to foreign country, property partition and enrolment in school.