Minor traffic offences worry

KATHMANDU: Accidents do not necessarily take place due to a traffic blunder. Many a time, a simple error of judgement proves fatal. Often, a minor unpleasant incident on the road is enough to impede the vehicular movement.

Bikash Shrestha, DSP, Metropolitan Traffic Police division, said the youths were increasingly violating traffic rules. “They have no regard for their own safety,” he said.

Raju Basnet, a traffic personnel, said those violating the traffic rules were in the age group of 17 to 25 years.

DSP Shrestha said people violating traffic rules is a common sight in Kathmandu, but a little caution and awareness is all it takes to ensure safety and smooth traffic movement.

Crossing the road haphazardly, overtaking, defying lane regulations, drunk-driving, avoiding the use of over-head bridges, over-speeding, blowing horns unnecessarily and talking on mobile phones while driving are some of the major slip-ups that drivers constantly make. At times, these can prove fatal.

“We are working to minimise road mishaps due to such carelessness,” Shrestha added.