Mock quake rescue drill staged at Ason

Kathmandu, July 27:

The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) and the Disaster Preparedness Network today jointly conducted a mock earthquake rescue operation at Ason, to demonstrate the rescue preparedness in case of a real disaster.

Several technicians, affiliated to various organisations took part in the rescue work where a situation of ‘earthquake’ of 6.7 Richter scale magnitude was created and people were rescued from the ‘earthquake’ at about 3.00 pm. As local residents and passers-by were not informed of the rescue operation when an alarm of ‘earthquake’ was announced, there was a real chaos in the Ason area.

More than 100 people were ‘rescued’ from the houses and the rescuers used ladders to enter houses. An artificial house was set ablaze and the fire was doused with the help of locals and fire extinguishers. About 26 people of the rescue team, 36 of the first aid team and 20 Nepal Army soldiers secured the area. And the ‘mock casualties’ were taken to Bir and Kathmandu Model hospitals.

Sanga Ratna Shakya, secretary of the NRCS and also the commander of the simulation, said that this was the biggest simulation exercise conducted in Nepal so far. “Our intention is to make people aware of any disaster that is likely to take place in Kathmandu to prepare them to face it,” he said.