Kathmandu, April 17

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has issued the standards on deputation of employees in local levels to engage them as per the organisational structure and the number of approved postings for smooth delivery of services.

According to the standards, the government may depute the civil servants on the basis of their seniority, the local level of their choice and the area where they are currently residing or their permanent address. It also ensures that the husband and wife are deputed in the same place as far as possible in case both of them are serving as civil servants.

On recommendation of district coordination officer or chief administrative office, the government shall make decision by also taking into consideration the responsibilities the candidates had carried out in the past, their tenure in the office where they are currently working, and performance and working experience.

“If any woman employee has a child below the age of one or is suffering from terminal diseases specified by the government, priority will be given to depute her to the place where she wants,” the standards read. The government may deploy gazetted first class officer as necessary.

“The employees shall not be deputed to anywhere else until their tenure expires in the office where they were previously assigned to. If the posts lying vacant in the local levels are not fulfilled even after deputation of the employees as per the standards, employees of federal government service shall be assigned to the place where necessary,” it said.

The standards require the government to issue a public notice, giving the employees an opportunity to choose the local locals for fulfilment of vacancy. The employees so deputed shall be entitled to capacity and career development programmes.

“Municipality and rural municipality should prioritise deployment of previous local body-based employees in ward office while adjusting them by the concerned village or municipal executive in line with the Local Government Operation Act, 2018,” the standards stipulate.