MoFALD signs performance contract with three DDCs

The ministry has identified 14 areas and indicators with varying weightage

Kathmandu, October 27

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development has concluded performance contract with Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Bara and Pyuthan district development committees to make them more competent, strong, service-oriented and responsible by bringing about reforms in service delivery mechanisms.

MoFALD Secretary Madhav Prasad Regmi signed the performance contract with local development officers of the concerned DDCs last week. The local development officers are responsible for implementing the contract. With this, the MoFALD has managed to sign performance contract with LDOs of all 75 DDC since January.

The MoFALD has identified as many as 14 areas and indicators with varying weightage marks out of total 250 for evaluation. Local infrastructure development carries weightage marks of 50 followed by good governance, administrative management and control (39), service flow and information technology (20), environment protection and sanitation (18), financial administration and discipline (17), participatory plan (15), gender and social inclusive development (15), monitoring and evaluation (15), internal resource management (12), and social security and personal incident registration (12), land use and management (10), thematic area development (9), livelihood and income generation (5) and miscellaneous (13).

Secretary Regmi directed the LDOs to fully comply with the indicators referred to in the performance contract and carry out their duties and responsibilities as to achieve cent per cent results. “The ministry will strongly enforce the performance contract to develop a system of evaluating the performance of local bodies and LDOs,” he said.

Districts that attain 0-40 per cent, 40-50 per cent, 50-60 per cent, 60-80 per cent, 80-90 per cent, more than 90 per cent will be rated as poor, low, average, good, high and excellent respectively during the course of evaluating their performance.

The MoFALD will facilitate and coordinate with other ministries on cross-cutting issues to assist the district in achieving their targets.

The districts are required to carry out their activities by using the grants to be provided by the government and internal resources. Local Development Officers will have to furnish the monthly report to the their line ministry.