More water in pipeline for Kathmanduites

Kathmandu, June 6:

Here’s good news for the denizens of the Kathmandu metropolis.

The state-run Nepal Water Supply Corporation has added four more tankers to its fleet of 18 tankers that had been supplying water to areas reeling under shortage of water. What’s more, it is planning to add some more private tankers to make sure thirst is quenched.

During the dry season, the NWSC can meet only half of the demand for water in Kathmandu. Though the current average demand for water stands at 220 million litres per day (MLD), the NWSC has been able to supply only about 98 MLD of water. The is planning to add some more private tankers to its fleet. It has invited bids from people willing to provide tanker services.

“We have decided to increase number of tankers as we cannot wait till water supply mechanism is improved,” said Madan Shakar Shrestha, deputy director general, NWSC.

Shrestha said this move will provide relief to denizens. “Through these tankers, we can distribute water to water-deficit areas,” he said.

The NWSC has over 1,14,000 clients. The number of clients has been increasing by

5,000 every year.