MTPD urges public to report against cabs defying rules

KATHMANDU: Although strict rules are in place to regulate cabbies in Kathmandu valley, the cab drivers have been reluctant to comply with the regulations.

Majority of cab drivers in Kathmandu valley refused to operate taxi billing system to fleece customers, the Metropolitan Traffic Police Division said.

MTPD has been intensifying its vigilance and taking actions against the cabs failing to abide by traffic laws. However, taxi drivers have been defying the laws and cheating customers at will.

In this backdrop, MTPD has urged the general public to call 103 or register their complaints in its social media to report against drivers refusing to operate taxi billing system.

"Police in civvies have been mobilised and cabs operating against laws are being booked," MTPD said.

Efforts have been made in recent days to systematise cab service in the valley.

हामीले नियमित रूपमा मिटरमा जान नमान्ने, बढी भाडा लिने ट्याक्सीहरूलाई सादा पोशाकमा प्रहरी परिचालन गरेर कारवाही गरिरहेकाछौं । यदि कुनै पनि ट्याक्सीले मिटरमा जान मान्दैन भने नजिकको ट्राफिक कार्यालय, १०३ मा कल गरेर वा हाम्रो सामाजिक संजालमा उजुरी गर्नुहुन अनुरोध। धन्यवाद ! जय नेपाल !

— Metro Traffic (@valleytraffic) November 14, 2018