Mystery shrouds couple’s death at Tokha


Mystery shrouds the death of a couple last night at a two-storeyed apartment in Tokha.

Police had found the body of Umesh KC, 33, a resident of Baneshwor and his wife Sudikshya Giri, 33, last night at around 9:30 pm. Umesh’s body was found on a bed in the second floor of the apartment, his body was lying in a pool of blood with bruises all over it.

Sudikshya’s body was found hanging from a ladder’s railing on the first floor.

Police had come to know about the incident after Sharmila Giri, Sudishya’s elder sister, informed about the incident to the police.

The deceased couple was living there for the last four months, after Umesh had returned from the US to celebrate Dashain with his family. Umesh had gone to the US around five years ago after marrying his longtime girlfriend Sudhikshya.

After Umesh had gone to the US, Susdikshya had stayed with Umesh’s parents for around a year, but later moved to Tokha to live with her sister. Sudhikshya’s parents live in the US.

Umesh was set to return to the US a few days later on January 14. He was to meet his family for a farewell party today to be held at his parent’s home.

Preliminary investigation shows that Sudhikshya might have killed her husband before taking her own life. But, police are still struggling to find out the motive behind the heinous crime. Umesh’s family, is however, not ready to believe the police claim, and they accuse police of trying to hide the truth.

After reaching the crime scene, police had moved the bodies of both the deceased without informing Umesh’s family. Himesh KC, Umesh’s brother, had come to know about the incident after their close relatives in Canada informed them. Sudhikshya’s parents in the US had informed Umesh’s close relatives in Canada, who had then called Himesh at 3:00am today about the incident.

Police said that they were forced to take the bodies to the forensic lab after they could not find any information about Umesh’s family. Police had collected the bodies by 12:00 noon in the presence of Sudhikshya’s sister and a local leader.

Deputy Superintendent of Police at Metropolitan Police Circle, Maharajgunj, said, “We were told by the girl’s family member that they were not in contact with the boy’s family and had lived alone there. That’s why we collected the bodies following due process.”

Himesh told THT over telephone said that there was a deep cut in the back of his brother’s head. “The cut looked as if the victim had been hit with an axe.” Further, he said that he might have been killed a few days ago. The body was swollen and there were bruises all over.

Umesh’s hands were tied with a red ribbon, said Himesh. He further said that considering the crime scene, it was very unlikely that his sister-in-law could have killed his brother.

He also said the back door of the apartment was broken from inside. “It’s a clear sign that somebody had broke into the room.” Himesh and family have filed an FIR with the police.

Himesh said that his brother had invested around Rs 70 million in a business run by Sudhikshya’s close relatives in the US. “My brother had been repeatedly asking them to return the money he invested,” Himesh said.