Nabil Bank to sponsor kids’ education

Kathmandu, September 17 :

Nabil Bank Limited is all set to sponsor the education of 60 children in Mary Ward School as part of the Association of St Mary’s Alumnae Nepal (ASMAN) scholarship programme.

Through the programme, Nabil Bank will sponsor the children’s education from class VIII to X in the school in Lubhoo and Jhamsikhel, an ASMAN statement

said. The sponsorship will cover the tuition fees, stationeries and uniform of the students.

“I am very happy that Nabil Bank has come forward to make a difference in the lives of under-privileged children. Nabil’s donation will go a long way in providing quality education to these children who may otherwise not have had a chance to go to school,” Sapna Tamrakar, the newly-elected president of ASMAN, said in the statement.

The ASMAN scholarship programme was devised four years back wherein an individual can contribute Rs 2,500 a year towards educating a child. This program has already helped more than 400 students to attend school.

ASMAN also organised the ‘Mother Benigna Awards’ function today.