NAFA men given a week to quit

Kathmandu, May 13:

Lalitkala Loktantrik Abhiyan (an artists’ alliance) today formed three committees to contribute to the development of art and craft in the country by expediting reforms in the National Association of Fine Arts (NAFA), Nepal Art Council and Lalitkala Campus.

Meanwhile, issuing an ultimatum today, the alliance demanded that the ‘unconstitutional officials’ of the three bodies resign within seven days. “Our campaign is against all forms of injustice meted out to the artists,” coordinator of the alliance Kiran Manandhar said, adding, “If the officials refuse to step down, they better prepare themselves to face consequences.”

The committee acquired the mandate from an assembly of about 200 artists gathered on the Nepal Art Council premises.

Committees comprising Baikuntha Man Shrestha, Gehendra Man Amatya, Hari Bahadur Khadka and KK Karmacharya, Bhuwan Thapa ‘Bahubi’, Indra Khatri and Raju Pithakote have been given the responsibilities of looking into the working of the Nepal Art Council and NAFA. The committee comprising Radhe Shyam Mulmi, Lal Kaji Lama and Bhishan Raj Bhandari has been given the task of recommending measures that will help develop the Lalit Kala Campus as an institution.

The participants at the assembly agreed to scrub out the ‘Art and Craft Department’ from NAFA signboard tomorrow. “The field of art and craft should be given autonomy so that art can flourish,” said Baikuntha Man Shrestha.