Nakkhu inmates observe Buddha Jayanti

Himalayan News Service

Lalitpur, May 4:

Some 40 inmates of Nakkhu jail today celebrated the 2548th Buddha Jayanti by organising a function here today.The Nakkhu jail branch of Osho Dhara Sangh had organised the function at the jail premises. The inmates listened to the discourse on Buddha’s Arya Astangik Marga and also meditated for half an hour. The inmates were addressed by acharyas of Nepal Chapter of Oshodhara Acharya Sangh. During the function, Acharya Shree Dhruv talked on the ways of leading a happy life without hurting anybody.

Similarly, Acharya Om Rajeswor discussed four types of fitness — physical, mental, spiritual and social. He also described the preaching of Lord Gautam Buddha to his followers and how he achieved enlightenment. Acharya Osho Anand said that there is a Buddha inside all the people but they should awaken it to be like Gautam Buddha. He also talked about positive thinking. The inmates also organised a tea-party by collecting money. The Universal Spiritual Centre donated 60 books on literature, law and spiritualism, including the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Around 200 old magazines were also donated to the two libraries meant for the inmates. They were also provided a CD and a cassette player.