NAST to award 12 scientists every year

Kathmandu, April 5:

The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) has decided to give away seven awards every year to 12 people working for the development of science and technology.

Now on, the awards will be conferred every December, the anniversary of the NAST.

The awards are Bigyan Tatha Prabhidi Pragya Puraskar, Yuva Bigyan Tatha Prabhidi Puraskar, Pragya Pratisthan Bigyan Tatha Prabhidi Prabardan Puraskar, Biswo Bigyan Pragya Pratisthan Puraskar, Mohan Dhoj Basnet Prabhidi Pragya Puraskar, Bhuwaneshwor Prabhidi Puraskar and Jit Bahadur Nakarmi Dhatu Prabhidi Puraskar.

“Though lots of awards are given away in Nepal to people working in different sectors, the NAST is the only institution that awards people working in the field of science and technology,” Omni Acharya, Research Grant and Award Programme officer at the NAST, said.

Inventions made by candidates, researches conducted and contributions made by the candidates in the field of science and technology will be taken into account while selecting the awardees, Acharya said.