Nation heading towards civil war, says Rokaya

Lalitpur, July 11:

Member of the Ceasefire Monitoring Committee (CMC), Dr KV Rokaya, today said the nation is heading towards a violent civil war with the increasing lack of confidence between the Maoists and the seven parties.

“Agreements are gradually being violated. The eight-point agreement signed by the top leaders could not be implemented. This has led the nation towards violent civil war,” said Dr Rokaya, while addressing an inter-religious interaction.

Sarbodaya Jyoti Abhiyan and Shanti Shanti Sangh had jointly organised the interaction on “Minds For Peace”. He also said the CMC is seriously concerned over the latest political development in the country.

“If the talks failed, the Maoists would begin an urban-centered war which would largely affect the people living in the cities and would be more violent than ever,” he said, adding that all the concerned sections of the society should work hard to avert such disaster.

Dr Rokaya, who is also the vice-president of Inter Religious Council, quoted the holy Bible as saying that if the orphans and oppressed people do not receive justice, there would be terror. “Therefore, we cannot expect lasting peace without providing justice to the exploited and oppressed various ethnic groups and religions,” he added.Addressing the same function Hamid Ansari of Muslim religion said the Muslim communities had demanded secularism and democratic practices in the nation some seven years ago. He also said the religious leaders have played crucial role to maintain religious harmony in the nation during the time of crisis.

Vikchhu Dharmamurti said humanity is the most important thing that can bring lasting peace in the nation. “Our leaders should be made committed for peace like how emperor Ashoka did,” he said.