NIC unveils its progress renicport

Kathmandu, January 18

National Information Commission today unveiled a 33-point progress report that deals with what the incumbent NIC leadership has achieved in a year.

A press statement issued here today by NIC said that the incumbent leadership under Krishna Hari Baskota, the Chief Information Commissioner and Yashoda Timshina and Kiran Pokharel as the two information commissioners were successful in conducting numerous activities after they assumed office from January 14, 2015.

The statement said the commission has issued 904 directions to various organisations within a year.

It said that they have been successful in holding 33 meetings and preparing work procedures regarding meeting management, code of conduct for employees working in the NIC, list of experts from the Commission, among others.

The NIC has also been publicising half-yearly and quarterly progress reports from time to time.

It has directed 180 political parties registered with the National Election Commission to make public their quarterly report, designate information officer within the party and keep a separate record of information sharing with the public.

It has further directed the chief district officers of all 75 districts to publish the collection of Citizen’s Charter at the district level offices.

It has directed the 19 government training centres to incorporate Right to Education in their curriculum as well as to Curriculum Development Centre under the Ministry of Education to include RTI in school curriculum from grade VI to X.

“NIC has given a 14-point recommendation to the prime minister regarding transparency in the rescue operations after the quake, relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities,” it said, adding, “NIC Nepal and NIC Bangladesh have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on exchanging supports.

NIC commissioners visited various countries to talk to information commissioners and study their working styles.”

NIC is also planning to prepare a five-year strategy (2016-2020) and holding a convention of information commissioners from South Asian countries in Kathmandu.

It is also doing a thorough study on getting membership in Open Government Partnership.